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It is Possible to Earn a  Reflexology Income of $100,000 per Year,

by learning European Reflexology in just a few hours a week from the comfort of your own home!

We’ve got 3D printers that are printing body organs which are saving children’s lives. There is a self driving car right now powered by Google driving around the world.

The world is evolving and so is Reflexology!  Have you heard about the breakthroughs in Reflexology happening around the world in the past ten years?

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Lauren Slade


My name is Lauren Slade and I’m dedicated to helping fellow Reflexologists discover the Secret to Increasing their Income Year after Year.

Do you want to Accelerate your Reflexology Career?

Whether you’ve just received your certificate or have been practicing reflexology for a while, at least once you’ve probably felt:

• Uncertain or even embarrassed when a client situation revealed gaps in your knowledge that your training did not cover
• Stymied or powerless when a client presented a health condition that you were not prepared to address
• Isolated and alone when facing the ups and downs of working for yourself as a solo-preneur
• And frustrated wondering how you’ll ever increase the income from your practice.

It’s like you’ve been given the wrong combination to a safe. No matter how hard you work… unless you know the right combination that thing won’t budge.

Same with Reflexology. No matter how hard you work at building your Reflexology clientele and business… if you’re doing the wrong things… you’re not getting results – and perhaps even hurting yourself.
If you have ever said to yourself there’s got to be a better way…

You’re right.


European Reflexology Method

European Reflexology - Universal College of Reflexology

The European Reflexology Method has been personally developed by Lauren Slade. This course has been taught dozens of times over a 22-year span. 

Lauren has refined the techniques and knowledge to offer the most effective and pure form of European Reflexology practical knowledge and healing possible.

Imagine getting the benefit of 22 years of learning and experience in just a few weeks!!

Lauren has compressed months of research, trial and error into a world class European Reflexology Method program that you can complete in your own time from the comfort of your own home..

The result is a system that allows you to…

European Reflexology Method - Universal College of Reflexologydistinguish yourself from the rest of the Reflexology crowd. Not doing anything to upgrade your Reflexology skills will erode your value in the marketplace. Distinguishing yourself is a journey and not a destination. What is special today will no longer be special tomorrow.

Your European Reflexology Method skills can act as a catalyst to help you rise above the rest of the crowd quickly. If you are smart and disciplined, with or without a European Reflexology Method Diploma you may succeed. Why not increase your odds by signing up today?

Check out what you’ll discover when you invest in it today:

  • How to create 15 minute effective Reflexology sessions.
  • Ten new ways of working the feet (not including thumb & finger walking)
  • How lubrication can save your aching thumbs, and maximize results.
  • The meaning of different skin sensations.
  • The exact process of elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Find out exactly what land markings on the feet mean.
  • Discover the hidden meanings of a Healing Crisis and why it happens.
  • Learn about the Law of Cure how to apply it and how it works!
  • And more!

That’s Not all…

You’re also getting a whole bunch of new charts, resources and handouts for you and to share with your clients.

Eunice Ingham (1889-1974) the “Mother” of Western Reflexology, knew that her work was only the beginning of the adventure. In her book “Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology”, written in 1938, she acknowledged that her work was just “another stepping stone” for those seeking better health.

European Reflexology Method is also another “stepping stone” which can be used along the ever evolving pathway to wellness.

… And much more.

Reflexology - Universal College of ReflexologyIn a nutshell… You’re getting a European Reflexology Method techniques that have been taught to many hundreds of Universal College of Reflexology students over the years, all of whom attest to the benefits to themselves and their clients.

Reflexology has enormous possibilities – let us encourage this path by giving reverence, respect and responsibility to the ancient healers and philosophers whose knowledge has given us what we call today Reflexology.

Let’s continue to build on this knowledge, as the 21st century brings a world of new physics that opens up awe-inspiring possibilities.!

So How Much Money Am I Going To Ask For?

Compared to the value you’re getting… not much at all just $499 +taxes.

See, you’re not getting just a world class continuing education course , you are also getting me – Lauren Slade as a mentor..

I have skillfully guided hundreds of students over the years from the Universal College of Reflexology to become successful business men and women.

Lauren has walked the path that so many Reflexologists are walking!  Let her vast experience and knowledge lighten you load. Let Lauren be your secret weapon that makes you stand head and shoulders above your competition. Let me help and guide you to fulfill your potential to be the best you can be.

Considering all of this… the small investment you’re making now shouldn’t be an issue.  After all you will get a full return on your money with six clients or less.

Sign up now!

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  • How to create 15 minute effective Reflexology sessions.
  • Ten new techniques for working the feet
  • Learn how to predict a client’s healing crisis and use this knowledge to gain regular clients who will build my Reflexology practice.

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Lauren Slade

P.S.  If you want to take your Reflexology skills to the next level but thought you had to wait till you had 10 years of experience, you’re going to love this.  Sign up now!