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Elvis Presley died on his toilet “straining at the stool.”

A Memphis, Tennessee newspaper reported on August 28th, 1977 that Elvis Presley had been hospitalized for 32 days with an impacted colon. One year later he was dead.

Elvis PresleyReporting on his death, the Newswire stated “Presley was found dead at 2.30pm, August 16th, green pajama bottoms around his ankles, face down on the red shag rug in front of his toilet. He had been dead for several hours.

Medical investigators believe his last act had been, in their terms,”straining at the stool” which is the rarely mentioned cause of one in 20 deaths”!

If a digestive condition can kill a superstar like Elvis Presley, what damage could digestive issues do to the ordinary man and women in the street?

Digestive conditions are almost at epidemic proportions.

It is well recognized by holistic health practitioners that proper digestion, absorption, assimilation, and elimination of foods is the key to health. No matter how good, pure, or complete the foods and nutrients consumed are, unless they are broken down so the body can absorb and assimilate them into cells, a person will suffer from malnutrition and enjoy less than optimal health.

Digestive Wellness with Reflexology - heart attack or heartburn?Poor digestion can set you up for many diseases. Did you know that indigestion is a little recognized symptom of impending heart problems? One of its symptoms, excessive gas, causes bowel distension which presses against organs that have a direct connection with your heart.   A heavy meal may shunt so much blood over to the stomach that a person with coronary blockages can be more prone to angina following such a digestive overload.

Almost without exception in my personal experience, all Reflexology clients have some sort of “condition” relating to their digestive system. Only when this situation is dealt with – can the Reflexologist successfully deal with the clients other health issues.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The Real Deal on your Digestive System
  • Disorders of the Digestive System
  • Tips for a healthy digestion
  • Anatomy & Physiology of the Digestive System
  • What is the Colon?
  • Autointoxification – What is it?
  • Symptoms Of Autointoxification
  • Water and Electrolytes
  • Acid / Alkaline values of foods
  • The Cycle of Good Health
  • Are you Acidic? Simple test to find out!
  • Using a Saliva pH Test to determine your body’s alkaline/acid levels
  • How long does it take to digest certain foods?
  • What is a healthy bowel movement?
  • Stool Investigation Chart
  • What is Poop Made of?
  • Facts on Farts
  • Digestion & Healthful Microbes

Almost without exception, all Reflexology clients have some sort of “condition” relating to their digestive system. Only when this situation was dealt with – can you deal with their other health issues.

Acid/Alkaline Body Balance

Reflexology & Digestive WellnessHow to determine the acid / alkaline balance in the body, with a simple test can show what challenges the body is facing.

Knowing this information will dramatically improve the effectiveness of your Reflexology work and practice.

A whole new understanding of the often repeated phrase “all disease starts in the Colon”.

In this module, you will also learn vital information on parasitic infections of the digestive system. Unless you understand and know the symptoms of such infections, you can create even more problems doing basic Reflexology.

All Reflexologists already know about the Foot & Hand Reflexology maps, some also know of Ear Reflexology, but do you know that there is also a Reflexology Map of the Colon or Large Intestine? It has a full set of organ reflex points reflected on this one part of the body.

Reflexology & Digestive WellnessKnowing how to “fine tune” your Reflexology session using this Colon Reflex Point Chart, will transform your results.

You can see from the information above, the digestive system is a vital and complex system that involves the whole body – digestive organs, nervous and endocrine systems.

Reflexology Helps to Heal from the Inside Out

Many digestive symptoms and problems can be alleviated with Reflexology. Reflexology helps heal from the inside out. There is an entire network of reflex points on the feet that can be linked to the different areas of the digestive system.

The mere size of the digestive system reflexes on the feet, proportionately give feet a winning edge for addressing the digestive system there.

Using Reflexology to help the body function properly is a safe and effective method to help reduce the problems our digestive systems experience.


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Reflexology & Digestive Wellness (Module 3) continues the European Reflexology Method protocols taught in Module 1.  It is strongly suggested that students complete Module 1 to understand the foundation of European Reflexology before continuing their studies with modules 2 – 6.

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“Reflexology & Digestive Wellness” is just one of a series of six courses available for individual purchase.  Successful completion of all six courses can earn you the prestigious Master European Reflexology Diploma. 

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The Universal College of Reflexology is offering 21st century continuing education programs available to students all around the world through their on-line learning campus. The Master European Reflexology Diploma program comprises of a total of six courses. Courses are priced individually, and may be taken at the students own pace.

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